• Potential Long-Term Infections Caused By A Tooth Abscess

    10 June 2015

    When dental trauma or decay creates a hole in a tooth, the interior is then exposed to potentially harmful oral bacteria. The bacteria can cause an infection that leaks through the tooth root into the surrounding gum tissue, causing fluid-filled swelling. This infected root and gum is called a tooth abscess. Aside from discomfort, a tooth abscess also has the potential to spread to form other types of infections. Here are a few infections that can result from an untreated tooth abscess.

  • 3 Types Of Extraoral X-Rays Your Dentist Might Order

    15 May 2015

    Dentist visits are listed among the most common fears for adults and children alike. Part of the fear likely comes from an uncertainty of what exactly each procedure will entail. X-rays are a common dental procedure that can cause nervousness due to perceived danger and questions about how and why each scan is performed. Extraoral x-rays are one of the most common classifications of scans. An extraoral x-ray involves the dentist placing the x-ray film on the exterior of the mouth for a broader scan than interoral allows.

  • 3 Potential Dental Problems Caused By Damaged Cementum

    14 April 2015

    The anatomy of a tooth begins with the outermost protective enamel layer, which surrounds a hard calcium-based dentin. Below the dentin are root canals containing sensitive nerve bundles, blood, and tissue. These canals exit out through the roots below the gum line and into the supporting jawbone. Protecting those roots below the tooth is a different calcium-based material called cementum. Periodontal disease and trauma can cause damage to the cementum. While the material is able to self-generate to a certain extent, exposure due to gum recession or breakage can make that generation process too slow.

  • 4 Tips For Eating With Your New Dentures

    27 March 2015

    If you have just put in your first set of dentures, it will take some time to get used to them. One of the biggest challenges you may face as a new dentures wearer is eating and drinking food and beverages. However, a good diet is vital to your health, so you need to master eating with dentures as soon as you can. Here are some easy tips that will help make eating a better experience for you.

  • 3 Ways To Keep Up On The Latest In Dental News And Technology

    9 March 2015

    If you are a dentist or work in a dental office, it is no secret that keeping up on the latest dental technology and trends is a worthy investment of your time. Here are three ways you can stay abreast of the latest and the greatest of what's out there in the world of dentistry. IDS Every two years in Cologne, Germany, an international convention for dentistry is held. This year, in 2015, the International Dental Show (IDS), will be March 10-14th.

  • Heading To A Wine Bar? Here's How To Protect Your Teeth

    10 February 2015

    No one wants to be the worrywart when relaxing and enjoying a few luxurious glasses at a nice wine bar, but that doesn't mean that you should forget about taking good care of your teeth. Wine can leave stains, break down your enamel and otherwise wreak havoc on your teeth, but fortunately, following these tips can help prevent the damage while you still have a good time. Ask for Cheese, Please

  • How To Maintain Good Oral Care While Pregnant

    22 January 2015

    After you get the happy news that you are pregnant, you have a laundry list of things to do. However, one aspect of daily life that you can forget about is your oral care. Even though most dental procedures are not an option while you are pregnant, you do have a few ways to maintain your teeth and gums during this time. Get Routine Examinations During your pregnancy, the dentist cannot do certain procedures such as deep cleanings or extractions.