Helpful Holiday Oral Care Tips

by Terrence Mills

The holidays are full of joy and cheer. They are also full of treats. From eggnog to homemade baked goods to nuts and countless other food varieties, all these options will likely fill your plate more than once during this time of the year. Since it's no more than a notion to try to abstain from partaking in these delights, it's important that you know how to protect your teeth. Here are some helpful oral care tips for you to remember during and after the holidays.

Bring Water Along

Make it a point to bring along a bottle of water when attending different holiday gatherings. This is especially important if you will be partaking in sweets. When eating sweets, it's not so much the sugar that is harmful, but it's the acid that is produced when the sugars join with the bacteria naturally found in your mouth.

The quicker you can remove the sugar, the less likely it is for the acid to form and harm your teeth. Drinking water after you eat these foods can help rinse the mouth of these harmful sugars and better protect your teeth until you can brush. Swish it around your mouth for a greater effect.

Go Easy With The Nuts

Something about the holidays brings out the nuts. Whether it's an office party or gathering at a friend's home, the chance of there being a nut assortment nearby is high. Just make sure you are using a nutcracker and not your teeth.

Using your teeth to break open the hard and rigid shell of a nut is a sure fire way to crack a tooth. Breaking apart nuts in this manner also increases the risk of you cutting your gums, which can introduce the risk of infection.

Be Careful With Wine

Also, make sure you are being mindful of your wine consumption this holiday season. This is especially important when it comes to red wine, as it is a known cause of tooth staining. If possible, it's best to choose a white wine. However, if you're going to consume red wine, do so with food.

The food can help absorb some of the wine so that not as much of it ends up on your teeth, decreasing the risk of staining. Even with that being said, don't forget that wine can sometimes have a high sugar content, so keep moderation in mind.

Remember, moderation is key. Even with these helpful tips, if you're consuming high amounts of unhealthy options for your oral needs, you could still be in trouble. Ask a dentist, such as those at Spring Dental Dental Care, what's best for you.