3 Ways To Keep Up On The Latest In Dental News And Technology

by Terrence Mills

If you are a dentist or work in a dental office, it is no secret that keeping up on the latest dental technology and trends is a worthy investment of your time. Here are three ways you can stay abreast of the latest and the greatest of what's out there in the world of dentistry.


Every two years in Cologne, Germany, an international convention for dentistry is held. This year, in 2015, the International Dental Show (IDS), will be March 10-14th. If you plan to attend you will see displays and live demonstrations of what is new in dental technology. Attending this informative event can give you the edge over other dental practices. You will be able to bring back new and innovative knowledge to your practice and improve the way you operate in your office. 

In 2013, the IDS was a huge success, drawing more than 125,000 visitors from all over the world. If it is too late for you to register or make plans to go to this trade show, start planning to go in 2017. There are also other dental associations that hold conferences and trade shows that may be closer to home. Look into attending the next one closest to you.

Trade Publications

As any other professional industry, the dental industry has various associations that produce publications. These publications can be delivered to your dental office or your home every month. Read through these magazines and learn what is new and trending in the dental field. It's a great way to keep informed and tuned in to what is happening in your field.

There are publications and web sites from the American Dental Association (ADA), and the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). If you haven't already, join one or more of these associations and subscribe to their respective publications. As you read the monthly editions, highlight important and interesting bits of information and take notes. Then you can more easily keep track of what interests you, and any new methods or tools you would like to try.


Form friendships and other work relationships with peers in your field. This way, you can arrange monthly meetings or friendly get-togethers with people who share your interests and curiosity for new techniques and updates to technological advances. Say, for example, that you have a friend who runs a dental practice a few towns over from yours, and he or she has a new dental tool that you are really interested in. You can inquire with your friend or colleague just how well the new tool is working out for him or her. 

These ways of finding out the latest news in your field will keep you striving to be the best dentist you can be, with the best staff working for you. Talk to other experts like Dr Kit for more information.